Major Repair Works

Project Description

Taikoo Shing or Tai Koo Shing residential development in Quarry Bay, in the eastern part of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is a part of Swire’s property business, along with Taikoo Place, the adjacent Cityplaza retail and office complex and EAST, a lifestyle business hotel. 

Sing Fai Terrace, literally: “Terrace of the Stars”; all of the mansions on this terrace have the Chinese word for “star” as the second character of the building’s name. Some of the building names are similar to Chinese names for planets within the Solar System. The terrace consists of 8 mansions. 

On September 2019, our company was awarded for the project of “Podium Expansion Joint and Associated Works” from Taikoo Shing (Management) Limited. 

The works herein specified to repair works for approximate 400 m of expansion joint on the podium at Sing Fai Terrace, Stage X, Taikoo Shing and the works was started on November 2019 and will be completed on July 2020. 

The works to be included removal of the existing floor tiles and granolithic finishes, applying new waterproofing system and reinstate the affected floor tiles and granolithic finishes. We provided 10 years warranty for the waterproofing works in this project.