Tunnel Waterproofing Works

Project Description

The Kai Tak West Section contract includes the construction of a 370-metre-long underwater tunnel and the associated temporary reclamation in Kowloon Bay of about 3 hectares, a 160-metre-long cut and cover tunnel in Ma Tau Kok as well as a 125-metre-long depressed road and 170-metre-long underpass in Kai Tak Development.

The contract forms a vital part of the overall Central Kowloon Route, a 4.7-kilometre-long dual three-lane strategic trunk road in Central Kowloon that will relieve congestion in Central Kowloon’s road network. 

On December 2018, our company was awarded for the project of “Contract No. HY/2014/07 Central Kowloon Route – Kai Tak West” from Gammon Construction Limited. 

The works herein specified for construction of waterproofing works for underwater tunnel, cut and cover tunnel, depressed road and underpass. The waterproofing works were over 110,000 m² and the works was started on December 2018 and will be completed on 4th Quarter 2025. We provided 10 years warranty for the waterproofing works in this project.